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Negotiation continues for the surrender of former Ethiopian spy chief Getachew Assefa

In a press conference that was held by the Attorney General Office today, it was announced that the investigation on the violence in Jigjiga and surroundings from August 4 - 6, 2018 has been completed. The five-month investigation was done by the Attorney General's Federal Police, National Intelligence and Security service and the region's police. Public relations Director of Attorney General Office Ato Zenabu Tunu gave a detailed report of the results of the investigation on the number of deaths, injuries, and property damage. Other major issues like the whereabouts of the former Ethiopian spy chief Ato Getachew Assefa was also mentioned in the press conference. Mereja TV was in attendance and asked questions related to Jemal Derye's accusation of Minister Ahmed Shide, Bereket Simon's trial and Getachew Assefa's case after the arrest warrant has been issued. It is to remember that the Attorney General reported that Ato Getachew is currently in the Tigray region but the regional government has refused to hand him over. Ato Getachew has been accused of numerous serious crimes such as human rights violations and killings and an arrest warrant has been issued on him last month.