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Yefitih Sekoka (Injustice) - a powerful documentary showcasing human rights violations

The EPRDF’s leadership in Ethiopia has been accused of violating basic human rights for the last 27 years. It has been reported that people have suffered persistent and pervasive violations, in particular, of civil and political rights and, other forms of massive human rights abuses that have resulted in crimes against humanity. But after Prime minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in April, Ethiopians have overseen drastic changes that have reshaped the nation’s socio-economic and political trajectory. Part of the reform led by the prime minister was releasing thousands of political prisoners in the country. It is then that stories of unimaginably cruel human rights abuses committed by security forces started coming to light. In this documentary aired yesterday on three state-affiliated TV stations, former prisoners revealed the pervasive torture, rape, and horrific detention conditions they have endured.