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Professor Merera Gudina takes on the politics of tribalism

Professor Merera Gudina was one of the panelists during the panel discussion held on February 3, 2019, at African Union. The discussion was held between the party in in power, EPRDF and representatives of oppositions parties. Chairman of EPRDF and Prime minister Abiy Ahmed was in attendance. Professor Merera, leader of the opposition Oromo Congress Party opened the panel discussion with a paper on federalism and discussed how ethnic and nation-based approach can go along in Ethiopia. However, Professor Merera’s concept was confronted by Ato Ephrem Madebo, member of another opposition party Arbegnoch Ginbot 7.  It is to be recalled that following the latest reform lead by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his promise to open a political arena that used to be dominated by the ruling party EPRDF, he invited exiled opposition parties to be the country. Watch Professor Merera’s response to Ato Ephrem''s confrontation in this video.