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15 people reportedly killed in Tepi protest

Ethiopia has been rocked with ethnically motivated violence for the past few years. The latest part of the country which is hit with the violence is Tepi town, found in Sheka zone of southern Ethiopia. The town is reported to be in crisis throughout this week. The tension rose as the residents of the town have been protesting on issues of self-governance, and identity question. The protest took the turn for worse when it revived yesterday. According to an anonymous source, fifteen people have died so far and properties were damaged. The source also told Mereja TV that the Sheka Zone administration is behind the violence and is using youths from the Sheka ethnic group to attack the residents of Tepi. Instability in the town is also affecting the well-being of the students at Mizan-Tepi University. It is to be recalled that in recent years identity questions and border conflict have been escalating in Ethiopia. The Sheka zone has been rocked with ethnic violence since the end of last year.