PM Abiy Ahmed's one-year anniversary special program from Millennium Hall | Mereja TV Live

A celebration was held at Millenium Hall today April 2, 2019, to commemorate Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s one year stay in power. PM Abiy came into power on April 2, 2018, and launched a country-wide reform in all sectors of social, political and economic. Including PM Abiy Ahmed, Lemma Megersa (President of Oromia regional state and Oromo Democratic Party deputy chairman), Takele Uma (Addis Ababa Acting Mayor), Demeke Mekonnen (former President of Amhara regional state), Muferiat Kamil (Minister of Peace), religious fathers, ambassadors, diplomats, high-ranking officials and distinguished guests attended. The celebration followed photo exhibition documenting the prime minster's one-year journey.

The celebration began with a prayer mourning the lost lives in ET302 flight crash. Artist Debebe Eshetu was master of ceremonies (MC) for the celebration. Artists Mohamoud Ahmed, Alemayehu Eshete and others performed. Tagele Seifu, famous poet and writer, and Dr. Bedilu Wakijira, author and poet, presented their works reflecting today’s event. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed gave a closing remark ending the one-week long event.