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Ginbot 7 launches campaign for the upcoming elections in Ethiopia

Ginbot 7, an Ethiopian opposition political organization, founded in 2008 by Andargachew Tsige and  Berhanu Nega was an exiled pro-democracy party that the Ethiopian government labeled a terrorist group in 2011. But following the appointment of Dr. Abiy as Prime Minister of Ethiopia and his radical reform programme that is overturning politics in the vast, it is remembered that members of political parties in exile came back to Ethiopia to participate in a peaceful struggle. In a recent meeting with party members living in Britain and the surrounding countries, Ato Andargachew Tsige, leader of the party said that they are preparing to form an organization that will help the diaspora participate in the coming 2020 election. He also added that election campaigns will be launched in over 500 Woredas in Ethiopia.