General Asaminew Tsige on Addis Dimts Live

Addis Dimts Radio was live with Brigadier General Asaminew Tsige, Amhara Region Security Chief. In the live interview, host Abebe Belew and B.General Asaminew discuss the current conditions in Amhara, how the military reforms are being applied in the region and the general's effort to rebuild a relationship between the people and the military. It is to be remembered that possession of illegal guns in the region has accelerated conflicts and death of civilians. The region saw a rise in crimes such as armed robberies and kidnappings and the situation has also created feelings of insecurity in society. Despite the official announcements, illegal firearms are still being smuggled in the region. In order to control the growing violence, Amhara Region Security Chief General Asaminew Tsige announced the ban on carrying any firearms.