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B.General Asaminew Tsige blames Qimant woreda officials for Chilga conflict

Amhara region security Chief B. General Asamnew Tsige, announced the involvement of an external force behind the Chilga conflict. He also told to Mereja Tv that those people who lost their power are working hard to initiate conflict and provoke instability in the region. On Sunday, in a conflict caused by unknown number of armed men in Ankara Got region, one person died and 34 houses were burnt. Because of the conflict, main roads were closed and people were hijacked. Following this, the Amhara Regional Government announced that it’s going to take immediate measures against those who are working to cause instability in the region. Until now, one hundred and fifty three suspects, who are suspected to have been involved in initiating the conflict, are under arrest. The Amhara region security Chief B. General Asamnew Tsige told Mereja Tv that they are working to bring peace and stability in the country.