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Ethiopian federal defence force deployed in Western Gondar

Ethiopian federal defense force has been deployed in Western Gondar to secure the area from armed conflicts. The military has announced that it will take serious measures against anyone that disturbs the peace in the area. In order to maintain peace and order, the regional force has banned anyone carrying firearms in the areas of Metema, Gondar, and Humera. Amhara Region Security Chief General Asaminew Tsige announced the ban this week. The federal defense force came into the region with the request of the Amhara Regional State as some areas have been unstable for months. Reports show that more than 45,000 people have been displaced from their homes due to these conflicts. The conflicts arose when armed individuals and groups who claimed to represent the people of Qimant acted as peacekeepers and forced people to pay them money. The recent conflicts are affecting the region's economic activities since tourists flow to the historic sites have decreased.