Ethiopian opposition Semayawi Party dissolves itself

On a public meeting organized by Patriot Ginbot 7, the party announced that it will form an alliance with the Semayawi Party and the Ethiopian Democratic Party. Following this announcement, Semayawi Party held a press release today to announce its dissolution to form an alliance with Patriot Ginbot 7 and Ethiopian Democratic Party. The Semayawi Party or Blue Party which was established in 2012 is a liberal party and has been operating throughout the country. The party is uniquely fond of conservative and nationalist views and promotes individualism. The alliance that was formed with the Patriot Ginbot 7 led by Birhanu Nega and the Ethiopian Democratic Party led by Dr. Chane Kebede is said to be necessary to build a strong party that can compete in every region of the country. The party stated that it has chosen nationalism political ideology and will work hard for the democratic system to develop in the country. Chairman Yeshiwas Assefa told Mereja TV that they are planning to lay a foundation for a strong party acceptable everywhere in Ethiopia and is inviting others to join them. When asked about the next National Election held in 2020, Ato Yeshiwas said the election must be delayed till problems are fixed.