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Eritreans receive their iqub money with interest

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopia-Eritrea border was reopened on September 11, 2018, after 20 years following Prime minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment and his decision to accept the peace agreement signed in 2000. People of both sides celebrated the truce between the countries and Eritreans who were expelled from Ethiopia when the 1998 war broke out have been returning. Eritreans who were banished from Bahir Dar city by the TPLF regime 20 years ago received their Iqub money with interest when they came back after twenty years. Iqub is a rotating saving and credit type association whose members make regular contributions to a revolving loan fund. When it was their turn to receive their savings, the Eritreans were already expelled. The Iqub members kept the money and gave them the money including interest when they came back.  Ever since the Ethio-Eritrea peace deal was signed and the two countries reconciled, families have been reunited and trade activities have increased substantially.