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Kinfe Dagnew reportedly gifted money to Meles Zenawi’s daughter

Following Prime Minister Abiy's appointment and his reform agenda, there has been an ongoing arrest of senior military figures, high-level intelligence personnel and their associates over alleged large-scale corruption cases and years of human rights abuse against dissidents and rebels. An arrest so far of more than 60 officials has revealed gruesome human rights violations of Ethiopians in the hands of the security, the police, and the intelligence units. Suspects who were arrested during the crackdown led by the Attorney General have been on a trial for the past few months, including former METEC director General Kinfe Dagnew. Recently ESAT reported that prosecution has added charges to the on-going trial of Major General Kinfe Dagnew. The additional charges are based on the illegal money the general gifted to Marda Meles, daughter of the late prime minister Meles Zenawi, from METEC’s account. Former METEC Director General Kinfe Dagnew is on trial for 18 counts of corruption and related charges. Mereja TV interviewed legal expert Adugna Tessema to weigh on the recent allegations on General Kinfe Dagnew.