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Tigray Region official accuses the federal army of neglecting displaced Tigreans

Ethiopia, the ethnically diverse country is being rocked by age-old ethnic tensions. Ethnic violence is on the rise. These conflicts are not new, but the levels of violence being witnessed today are very disturbing.  According to data published by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, more than 1.4 million Ethiopians fled their homes in fear of ethnic violence. The renewed ethnic tension is unfolding on several fronts. Ethnic Amharas are evicted from the Benshiangul Gumuz and Oromia regions while Ethnic Oromos were displaced from their homes in the Somali region. Ethnic Somalis are also evicted from the Oromiya region as a revenge. Ethnic Tigres are also the victims of the ongoing ethnic-based violence. Tigreans living in different parts of the Oromia region, particularly in Metu, Nekemte, and several other places have been displaced. In an interview with Mereja TV Ato Solomon GebreEgzabher, Public relations director of Tigray Region accused the federal army of neglecting the displaced Tigreans.