Tesfaye Daba responds to accusations from Tigray legal office

The controversy between the Tigray region and the Administrative Boundaries and Identity Commission continues. The Administrative Boundary and Identity Commission has faced challenges ever since parliament passed the draft. Much of the controversy arose as claims that the commission's establishment contradicts the constitution.  Ato Amanuel Assefa, Tigray Region Legal Office Head, opposed the parliament's decision to appoint members saying that the proclamation hasn’t been assigned a number and not announced on Federal Negarit Gazeta. Ato Amanuel Assefa released a statement on Wednesday saying that he has confirmed with Berhana Selam Printing Enterprise that his accusations are true. Mereja TV contacted Ato Tesfaye Daba, Parliament's’ Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee Head, to comment on Ato Amanuel’s accusation.  It is to remember that the House of Peoples’ Representatives has been evaluating the commission and gained approval from members. The commission will be solving issues related to self-administration, identity questions, and other similar issues. It is known that conflicts have been occurring among peoples of Ethiopia for years because of different societal and political reasons.