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Legetafo Legedadi's tragic history repeats in Sululta

Sululta City Administration has publicly announced that it will proceed to tear down houses marked down for demolition. Even though the mayor had previously disputed the news, today’s statement clearly showed the administration's not-so-secret intention. According to Mayor Roza Umer, the city administration is abiding by regulations and has discussed and agreed upon the demolition with the residents. The mayor also said that the houses were constructed on land reserved for other projects under the city’s masterplan, The administration decided to knock down the houses after giving warning to those who supposedly built houses after taking the land in an illegal way. It is to be recalled that the Legedadi Legetafo city administration started the demolition of thousands of houses deemed as being illegally built. There has been an outcry over the matter as the decision left thousands of people including children and the elderly on the streets.