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Is pardon enough for the wrongly accused, or is compensation imperative?

Following Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed's appointment and his reform agenda, it is remembered that thousands of political had been released from jail.  On June 28, 2018, Ethiopian Parliament passed the bill for Amnesty law effective till January 21, 2019. The Amnesty law grants amnesty to individuals convicted of political crimes including those found guilty of committing crimes punishable under anti-terrorism proclamation as well as crimes punishable on the basis of various provisions of the Criminal code of Ethiopia. More than four thousand suspects in Amhara region who have suffered persistent and pervasive violations, in particular, of civil and political rights and, other forms of massive human rights abuses that have resulted in crimes against humanity have received pardons within the past six months. However, many argue that the proclamation needs amendments. Mereja TV interviewed political analysts Ato Kinfemichael Debebe and Ato Taye Bogale for their professional opinions on the amnesty proclamation. Mereja TV also interviewed Amhara District Attorney Ferde Cheru about the future implications of the amnesty certificate for the lives of the suspected individuals.