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Professor Nebiyu Baye's speech at St. George Golla art gallery opening

Ethiopian Federal Housing Corporation demolished a house on March 28, 2019, which sparked an outrage in the community. The house, previously owned by Dejazmach Amde Abera Kassa, was built in the 1920s and was known to be a house recorded as a heritage by Addis Ababa City Culture and Tourism Office. Following the demolition disregarding the historical value, Assistant Professor Nebiyou Baye, Addis Ababa City Culture and Tourism Office Head, threatened to sue the corporation for negligence.

Assistant Professor Nebiyou attended the opening ceremony of St. George Golla Arts Gallery on April 12, 2019. The gallery, originally a historical house marked for demolition, was reconstructed without altering the original attributes by artist and architect Selamawit Alene. She invested time and money to rebuild the entire place and had to battle ownership claim for the house turned gallery. During the opening ceremony, Assistant Professor Nebiyou gave Selamawit the highest praise for her act to restore and protect history.


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