Meles Alem steps down

Ato Meles Alem who has been working as a Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after replacing Tewelde Mulugeta has stepped down from the position following his appointment as Ambassador of Ethiopia in Kenya by President Sahlework Zewde. Ato Meles worked as Director Of Neighboring Countries Directorates and was Councilor of Cabinet of Ministries before his appointment as the spokesperson.  It is reported that following his removal from the post, Ato Nebiyat Getachew will be replacing him. Ato Nebiyat was the Director General for North America, South Americ, and the Caribbean. He also held different positions at the Foreign Affairs Ministry including Director General for Political and Diplomatic Affairs at the Minister’s Cabinet Office; Director of Peace and Security at Ethiopian Permanent Mission to the African Union & UNECA.