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Gedu Andargachew resigns from Amhara region presidency

Gedu Andargachew served as president of Amhara National Regional State for three consecutive terms after replacing Ayalew Gobeze in 2013. During the 12th regular Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) meeting today, it was announced that Ato Gedu has resigned from his position. It was reported that the party has accepted the resignation even though the reason for behind it hasn’t been made official. Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen, who was recently appointed as Infrastructure and Urban Development Advisor Minister to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, was sworn in as the new president of the Amhara National Regional State. Before being appointed as an advisor to PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Dr. Ambachew has served in multiple governmental positions for 28 years. The Amhara region has been dealing with identity and border conflicts and ethnic-based violence. The people of Raya and Wolkait regions have been raising identity questions for the past years. The identity question has created a dispute between the Amhara region and Tigray region. In his resignation speech, Ato Gedu said that the people of Amhara and Tigray should hold on to their everlasting friendship regardless of the political tension in the area.