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Skepticism towards Vaccination in the Amhara Region

During a meeting with health workers and social media writers, the Amahara regional health bureau explained how social media rumors have become obstacles to vaccination and research work in the region. This meeting took place as a result of the physical harm and death that befell health researchers in and around Bahir Dar city.

Negative attitude towards vaccinations might be a barrier to the nationwide vaccination plan for the prevention of cervical cancer. Lawyer and social media personality Ato Wubishet Mulatu, explained how the census of 1999 made the amhara people skeptical of vaccination. The decrease in the Amhara ethnic group was wrongly attributed to vaccines.  People suspected they were given birth control without their knowledge.

The discussion came to a conclusion with participants agreeing to only write content free from rumors and communicate with health professionals when writing about health matters.  They also agreed to work together for the betterment of public health. An interview performed to learn people’s attitude towards vaccination in the region also showed that they have serious doubts. Some even have a firm stance that they and their families are not going to be vaccinated.