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Israeli scientists claim they can cure cancer within a year

A team of Israeli scientists say it may be able to offer a cure for cancer next year, Jerusalem Post reported on Monday.

"We believe we will be offering a complete cancer cure in a year," said Dan Aridor, chairman of the board of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies (AEBi). "Our cancer therapy is effective from the first day, takes a few weeks, and has no or minimal side effects at a significantly lower cost than most other treatments available on the market."

The core of AEBi's method is simultaneous multiple attacks on the receptors of cancer cells. AEBi CEO Ilan Morad said that they have discovered why current cancer therapies fail. If medications do not destroy all cancer cells, including tumor stem cells, they can mutate. The cancer returns, the drugs do not help anymore. "Instead of attacking receptors individually, we now attack three cancer receptors at once -- even cancer can not mutate three receptors simultaneously," Morad says.

The principle is comparable to the fight against AIDS. Even there, individually used drugs would not have brought the desired success. Only since doctors use cocktails from several means, the HI viruses can be effectively kept in check.

The researchers call the method "MuTaTo" - "multi-target toxin." In the future, the peptide-based anti-cancer cocktail will be individually mixed with tissue samples for each patient, and cancer will be attacked with such a fine blade that it bypasses the immune shields created by tumors.

According to the developers, the "MuTaTo" therapy was only tested in experiments with mice.

Scientists in other countries have dampened expectation by saying whether the treatment works in humans, has yet to be tested in studies.