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ARENA's Amdom Gebreselasie talks to Mereja TV about the Mekelle University incident

Last week a panel discussion that focused on the current political, economic and social atmosphere in Ethiopia was held in Mekelle University. At the conference representatives from Tigray For Democracy and Sovereignty (Arena), an opposition party established by former members were present. The meeting also included members of the TPLF, the Core Member of the ruling EPRDF coalition, such as Ato Sebhat Nega and Ato Getachew Reda. In the discussion, a leading member of ARENA Party Amdom Gebreselassie criticized EPRDF/TPLF saying that the party has never respected the constitution and has not been a democratic government. But as he spoke, people attending the meeting including the Former TPLF chairman Sibhat Nega and followers disrupted his speech by clapping nonstop. Ato Amdom who is a representative for ARENA party talked with Mereja TV about the incident. He said that the TPLF's autocratic system will never change and the actions of the leaders show their true colors.