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OLF commander Jal Merro talks about instability in Oromia Region

It is to be recalled that following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment exiled armed opposition parties came back to Ethiopia. One of the major parties amongst them is the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). There has been a controversy about the party not disarming even after coming home pledging to participate in peaceful political activities.  The disagreements have created instability in the Oromia region. In addition, the government has held OLF accountable for the violence in the region. It has been reported that OLF is responsible for the death of police officers in West Oromia, and has also disarmed regional military unit. Kumsa Diriba, also known as Jal Merro, who is the head of the OLF force located in the West Oromia, talked to the BBC regarding the accusations and the current situation in the area. Jal Merro is said to be very influential among OLF soldiers and has a splinter group that is not under the control of the OLF chairman Dawud Ibsa. In this video, a translated version of his interview with the BBC is presented.