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Ginbot 7 says it will hand over anyone who causes conflict in the party’s name

Ginbot 7, an Ethiopian opposition political organization, founded in 2008 by Andargachew Tsige and  Berhanu Nega was an exiled pro-democracy party that the Ethiopian government labeled a terrorist group in 2011. But following the appointment of Prime Minister Abiy, It is remembered that members of the party in exile came back to Ethiopia to participate in a peaceful struggle. In a press conference held by the party today, violence occurring in parts of the country was the main issue. Regarding the unrest, executives of Ginbot 7 denied accountability to the conflicts in the country. Despite the crimes being committed in the name of the party, Ato Andargachew Tsige, leader of the party said that the party hasn’t been involved in any unlawful actions since they have chosen to pursue a peaceful political struggle. The party will hand over anyone that causes conflict in the party’s name. Ato Andargachew also emphasized that all competitive parties should support the recent reforms in the country.