Daniel Kibret at Bahir Dar Ge'ez conference

Bahir Dar University (BDU), composed of five colleges, four institutes, seven faculties, two academies, and one school, opened Ge’ez Masters program in May 2018 with a view to exploiting various historical and indigenous knowledge of the language. The study, currently included under the Faculty of Humanities, consists of grammar, literature, and critique and conducting research in Ge’ez language. The faculty organized its first-panel discussion on May 13, 2019, at Bahir Dar University. The panel included Dr. Amsalu Tefera (Theologian specializing in Ethiopian Philology), Dr. Nuru Mohammed (College Humanities Language Studies, Journalism and Communication), Deacon Daniel Kibret and other experts and linguists. Watch Deacon Daniel’s keynote speech on the future existence of Ge’ez language and literature. 
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