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Intermittent fasting's healing effect

Intermittent fasting is currently the most popular diet when it comes to losing weight. But what advantages does it offer? How should you train while fasting? The idea of intermittent fasting, also known as interval fasting, is not new. Researchers at Birmingham University in Alabama have published the results of a ten-week study on overweight men in the journal "Cell." They found evidence that fasting stimulates healing processes. The long break between meals has a positive effect not only on weight but also on the health of the person who is fasting. People who have an increased risk of diabetes can achieve great success with intermittent fasting. The results encourage people who want to lose weight, reduce their risk of heart disease, or simply feel better about their body. Participants in the study who fasted intermittently had lower blood pressure, more stable blood sugar and less appetite. The voluntary refusal to eat improves health and has a rejuvenating effect. Studies show that many diabetics no longer need insulin after going through fasting.