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Somali region security chief accuses former president Abdi Iley of planning attacks

Abdi Mohammed Omar, known as Abdi Illey, former president of the volatile Somali region was arrested a few months ago for allegedly being behind the human rights violations as well as the ethnic and religious clashes that have happened in the region. Somali region is Ethiopia's second-largest but also one of its most unstable, and human rights groups have repeatedly accused Abdi's government of using its Liyu police force to carry out abuses. Even though the former president is in custody awaiting his trial, Somali region security chief accused him of planning attacks to disrupt the peace in the area. In an Interview with Mereja TV the security chief said that the former president Abdi Illey ordered a relative of him to execute several bomb attacks in various parts of Jigjiga, but have failed due to tightened security in the city.