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The 2020 elections in Ethiopia need to be extended - Tuluma on Mereja TV

In January 2018, the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) announced that in order to respond to intensifying anti-government protests, it would take comprehensive reform measures. And Doctor Abiy Ahmed was selected by the EPRDF to become the new prime minister in April. In the months that followed, thousands of prisoners were freed and the notorious federal crimes investigations unit in Addis Ababa, commonly known as Maekelawi, was closed. The Prime Minister also invited exiled opposition politicians to return home and participate in politics and moved to lift the terrorist designation of three major opposition political parties. As a result, many opposition parties including those engaged in armed struggle, have returned home pledging to participate in peaceful political activities. Recently, the Prime Minister said that the National Elections, due in 2020, should not be delayed until the reforms he has announced are completed. In this video, Political analyst Demissie Tuluma explains why the 2020 general elections in Ethiopia should be postponed until fundamental democratic institutions are firmly established.