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Col. Demeke Zewdu recounts his time in prison

In the past few years, Ethiopia has been hit with waves of protest all over the country. Civil uprising and protracted war against the regime led to the deaths and imprisonment of thousands and eventually, to the appointment of Abiy Ahmed as a prime minister, which brought a new hope to the people. Colonel Demeke Zewdu, a leading figure of the resistance movement in the Amhara region was detained in connection with the question of Wolkait, a region that Tigray supposedly snatched from Gonder region after Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took power in 1991. Colonel Demeke who was arrested after he exchanged fire with Tigray region security forces who came to capture him was released from prison in February 2018. In an interview with Amhara TV, he talked about the massive human rights violation he and his fellow inmates endured while in prison.