Dr Berhanu Nega elected chairman of the newly merged Ethiopian nationalist party

 The 2020 Ethiopian national election is shaping up to be the biggest showdown among political parties similar to the 2005 election. Many opposition parties and the ruling party are undergoing reforms to seize the opportunity in a free and fair election. Among the many strategies, the opposition parties are using, forming an alliance among parties with the same mission appears to give a win-win result. Patriots Ginbot 7, Semayawi Party, Gambella Regional Movement, All Ethiopia Democracy, Ethiopian Democracy, and two other opposition political parties had announced their plans to merge during a press conference on March 29, 2019.

After thorough deliberation, the members from the seven parties announced the new party, Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice on May 9, 2019. The party is said to focus on bringing social justice with its presence in more than 300 Woredas throughout Ethiopia.  Following the establishment, the party conducted its founding meeting with more than 1,200 participants and elected leaders and representatives today.

In today's Addis Dimts segment, host Abebe Belew discusses this historical moment for the new party and what it means for the future.