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The OLF controversy: OLF’s defiance or the government’s patience?

It is to be recalled that following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment exiled armed opposition parties came back to Ethiopia. One of the major parties amongst them is the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). There has been a controversy about the party not disarming even after coming home pledging to participate in peaceful political activities.  The disagreements have created instability in the Oromia region. In addition, the government and OLF have been accusing each other of the violence in the region. From killings of civilians to the recent robbery of seventeen private and governmental banks, Western Oromia is in turmoil. According to reports OLF militia robbed two banks and held bank employees hostage. On the other hand, some reports show OLF members are willing to surrender arms. But OLF denied the allegations and deemed the accusations as false propaganda. Oromia region authorities held OLF responsible for the robberies and not upholding the agreement for a peaceful struggle. OLF’s situation has created a controversy that is leading to violence in Ethiopia, and one can’t help but wonder why the situation hasn’t been resolved yet.