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Addis Ababa residents and legal experts react to Bereket Simon’s arrest

After the news of Bereket Simon and Tadesse Kassa’s arrest broke this morning, Medias have been buzzing with what the arrest implies to Ethiopia's democracy and the justice system. Ato Bereket and Ato Tadesse were arrested on the charges of misappropriating funds of TIRET Corporation and currently detained in Bahir Dar city.
TIRET Corporation is one of the state-owned companies with a growing expansion into key private sectors and owns firms all around the Amhara region. Dashen Brewery, Tikur Abay Transport Company, Ambasel Trading House, Belesa Logistics and transit, and Zeleke Mechanization Farm are some out of the twenty-six firms TIRET owns. The corporate released reports of its last audit that showed its net worth are 5.2 billion rather than the popularly advertised 11 billion and have more than two billion in debt. Following the release of the audit report, Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), now renamed as Amhara Democratic Party (ADP), suspended memberships of Bereket Simon and Tadesse Kassa on suspicions of corruption.
Mereja TV interviewed Legal Expert and Consultant Ato Abebe Zenebe for his expert assumptions on the possible upcoming procedures of the trial will be. Mereja TV also asked residents of Addis Ababa on their take of the arrest.
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