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Activist Sintayehu Wedajo kidnapped by police in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia has been rocked with ethnically motivated violence for the past few years. The latest part of the country which is hit with the violence is Tepi town, found in Sheka zone of southern Ethiopia. Tepi town has been making headlines for long due to the many conflicts that have happened. The tension rose as the residents of the town have been protesting on issues of self-governance, and identity question. Even when it seems that the federal and regional government are overlooking the matter, activists like Sintayehu Wedajo didn’t back down from voicing the different issues on social media platforms. Very saddening news broke out this morning. Sintayehu Wedajo was reportedly detained forcefully by Sheka Zone police force early this morning. Sintayehu has publicly opposed the zone’s Administrator Yeshiwas. Ato Yeshiwas is suspected of forming Gurmasho group which is responsible for ethnic-based attacks in Tepi. Mereja TV went to Sintayehu’s residence and sat down with his wife Kedija to find out more about the situation and the events that have unfolded until now.