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Ato Lidetu discusses the merger of Ginbot 7 with other parties

Lidetu Ayalew, a prominent politician in Ethiopia, rose to the political stage in 1992 after forming and participating as the Secretary-General for Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP). EDP went through reform and became United Ethiopian Democratic Party (UEDP) which later joined with Medhin and became UEDP-Medhin. He had been an active opposing politician who challenged the ruling party EPRDF for years. He was also known for being an orator that matched the late prime minister Meles Zenawi. His outstanding achievement came through his organizational role in founding Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) or Kinjit. Following the fallout with fellow members such as Doctor Berhanu Nega, his involvement in politics decreased and finally left his presidency in 2011 after serving two consecutive terms.

He has authored a book called Yearem Ersha (translated as "The weed farm") that recorded detailed stories of EDP formation until his fallout. He has been moving low key in the politics game. On 3 August 2018, Ayalew was promoted to the new Government Privatisation Advisory Council to advise President Abiy Ahmed concerning his new economic reforms. He sat down with Mereja TV for an exclusive interview to discuss the coalition of his former party, EDP, with other parties to form Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice on May 9, 2019.