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The arrest of Ahadu Radio journalist Tamrat Abera by Oromia Police

Ahadu Radio is a privately owned news multimedia that produces a variety of radio programs. Upon receiving a complaint from a resident in Sendafa, a town and separate woreda in Oromia, the media house assigned one of their journalists, Tamerat Abera, to report on the story. Tamerat went to Sendafa to report on the story about a heated debate concerning land inheritance. At the same day, Oromia regional state court president issued an arrest warrant for Tamerat Abera, and authorities arrested him on May 24, 2019. He was in jail over the weekend, and the issue became a headline after another journalist, Ethio-online Multimedia reporter Getya Yalew, was arrested when visiting him. Journalist Getya Ayalew recounted the events in an earlier interview with Mereja TV. In today's interview, journalist Tamerat sat down with Mereja TV to explain the situation. 
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