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Ambo University students stage peaceful protest

Students of Ambo University held a peaceful protest to condemn ethnic-based attack across the country and they affirmed they won't be used as a weapon by those who are out to create chaos in the country.  The University President Ato Tadesse Kenea said that the students who came from all over the country participated in the peaceful protest to show that they're against ethnically motivated attacks. He also added that students should be a  bridge to address the society. Ethnic-based attacks over land and resources are not new in Ethiopia. But the severity of such attacks has grown in recent months. The UNICEF said in August that as many as 2.8 million Ethiopians were internally displaced, mainly due to ethnic-based attacks in various parts of the country. These crises are posing the biggest challenge to Prime Minister Abiy since he came to power in April, and people have been urging him to start taking serious measures against the violence.