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Abiy Ahmed Administration's recent onslaught against corrupt officials - Tuluma on Mereja TV

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has accelerated a radical reform program that is overturning politics in the vast. The prime minister promised a strong line on corruption and human rights abuses when he came to power in April this year and has passed a string of reforms. A year ago, many Ethiopians would not have dared to imagine the spectacle they are being treated to right now, as the government intensifies the crackdown on corrupt officials and people it alleges have carried out gross human rights violations. In a press briefing, the Attorney General Ato Berhanu Tsegaye described the investigations into the gross human rights violations. The rights violations which are all compounded in the gruesome practice of torture by the security and intelligence apparatus of the state on those Ethiopians who were particularly jailed after having been accused of terrorism offenses and opposition political party members. In this video, Ato Tuluma discusses the ongoing onslaught against corrupt officials.