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Highlights of ESAT’s 8th anniversary concert at Millennium Hall

Prior to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's appointment, the Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) used to be a TV station that was deemed to spread terror and was jammed by the government. The station reported on atrocities and injustice done by the government and gave information to the public which otherwise would not be found.  Ethiopia has been undertaking political reforms led by prime minister Abiy for nearly a year now and the changes are visible. Among them is the ESAT team, who were mostly designated as terrorists, have returned home after years in exile. A group of ESAT journalists arrived in Addis Ababa this weekend and received a warm welcome upon their arrival. And concert organized to welcome ESAT journalists and honor them for their resilience to bring about the current changes in Ethiopia is underway at the Millenium Hall in Addis Ababa. Portuguese politician Ana Gomes also attended the concert as she has arrived for her visit to Ethiopia. Watch Mereja TV correspondent reporting from Millenium Hall as the events unfold.