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Who's Who: Tsehafi Taezaz Aklilu Habtewold

Arayaseb (Who is Who) is a weekly documentary series where the life stories of various historical figures and celebrities who have made an impact throughout their lives are told. The show is produced and presented by Hilina Azeze and airs on EBS TV. Arayaseb brings some of the most famous names in history to life. It features in-depth interviews with the subject and/or people related to them and dramatic reenactments. Each episode focuses attention on Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians alive or dead from around the world including famous artists, poets, sports figures, influential business leaders, major politicians, and leading educators. On this episode of Arayaseb, Tsehafi Taezaz Aklilu Habtewold, who was an Ethiopian politician under Emperor Haile Selassie is featured. He served as foreign minister of Ethiopia from 1947-1958 and was the prime minister of the country from 1961 until shortly before his death.