A peaceful demonstration in Maikadra

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A peaceful demonstration is held in Maikadra, where TPLF reportedly committed a massacre taking the lives of several hundreds of people brutally.
Bahirdar, 6 December 2020 (AMMA) The demonstration aimed to commemorate the massacre committed by the invading, expanding and terrorist TPLF under a theme ''Respect our Amhara Identity!".
Thousands of residents of Maikadra and its surrounding took part in the demonstration.
Over 400 young people in the town wore black T-shirts and lit candles to commemorate innocent Amharas who were massacred.


Slogans carried included: "We are massacred because we are Amharas,", " let members of the barbaric group that massacred us in Maikadra and took refugee in Sudan be brought to justice", "Our border is Tekeze, and our identity is Amhara."
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