TPLF admitting Tigray Special Forces attacked the military base in the Region

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TPLF admitting Tigray Special Forces attacked the military base in the Region

A member of TPLF has witnessed that the extremist force committed betrayal on the defense force. The extremist army has confirmed that the national betrayal and attack on the military has been held with the team Lisan. The TPLF extremist group has been heard saying the betrayal of the country by the voice of Woyane who was a member of the TPLF extremist group. In this extremist group, Sekoture Getachew, the extremist army of the Ethiopian Defense forces has witnessed an attack on the members of the North.They have witnessed that they were attacked by the army members. The extremist force has also said that he has tried to steal the weapons under the army. It is known that Mr. Sekuture will be found in number 63 by the  TPLF who committed a crime against the country betrayal team. TPLF's  group on October 24, 2013 Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed announced that he had attacked the Northern Defense Army. Following this, the government has started a law enforcement campaign.
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