Christian Tadele shared his opinion about Ethiopia's' current situation

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Christian Tadele from NAM has commented on the recent development of Ethiopia. 

 On November 10, 2020, the National Movement of Amhara has issued the following statement: 

Terrorist Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) Commits Genocidal Crimes on Peaceful Civilians!
In the ongoing national effort to serve ultimate defeat to the terrorist TPLF group, the rebel army has been on its heels from a concerted offensive mounted by the National Defence Force, Amhara Special Forces, Amhara Militia, and the Fanno irregulars.
Never satiated of innocent Amhara blood, this cabal of inhumans and scums of history has once again commited genocidal attacks on the peaceful people of Amhara whom it dares not face in frontal battles.
It is now confirmed that TPLF terrorist contingents, fleeing from onslaughts of the joint national army , have today, 10 November 2020, brutally massacred enmasse about 523 Amhara residents of Maikadra in Welkait, Ethiopia.
Eyewitness accounts relate the gruesome details of mutilated bodies of hundreds defenceless Amhara children, women and old people strewn across the entire town of Maikadra. Bodies cut to pieces by TPLF kill squads using machettes, axes, scimtars, and hanging ropes were found loaded on field tractors and abandoned on the streets as the advancing army arrived.
NaMA believes that this inhuman act by the TPLF army is a deliberate and systematic massacre masterminded by its central command in Mekele, Tigray. We impress that this grim incident be taken as a forerunner of impending genocidal attacks by the desperate TPLF group.
It is now clear that TPLF is not only a belligerent opponent at war with us but also a deeply anti—human power ungovernable by any international rules of warfare.
We therefore demand the Ethiopian government to prepare for similar genocidal attempts by the retreating TPLF army and to concentrate on saving civilian lives in places such as Welkait, Tegede, Humera, Raya and other areas on the war front.
Besides its counter offensive to conclude the national war against TPLF swiftly and successfully, we urge the federal government to spare no effort to save innocent civilians still in the hands of the evil Junta.
In addition, we demand the government to launch a thorough documentation of the general crimes against humanity, and particular genocidal crimes against Amhara people, perpetrated by TPLF arny.
NaMA also urges the government to follow up its military advances with immediate disarmament of the remnant armed groups widely installed by TPLF in the conflict areas.
On the basis of a recent admission of the FDRE House of Peoples' Representatives regarding the genocidal crimes commited on the Amhara people, NaMA calls upon the government to nominate an impartial commission of enquiry to investigate the overall genocidal crimes, including ongoing war crimes, so far perpetrated by the TPLF and its evil accomplices.


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