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Ab to Adjectives for Allowance
Adjectives for Allurement to Adjectives for Camel
Adjectives for Cameo to Adjectives for Counsel
Adjectives for Counselor to Adjectives for Drop
Adjectives for Drought to Adjectives for Game
Adjectives for Gap to Adjectives for Jacket
Adjectives for Jade to Adjectives for Occupant
Adjectives for Occupation to Adjectives for Recluse
Adjectives for Recognition to Adjectives for Store
Adjectives for Stork to Adjectives for Witchery
Adjectives for Withdrawal to Adverbs for Bony
Adverbs for Bookish to Adverbs for Daring
Adverbs for Darken to Adverbs for Exercise
Adverbs for Exert to Adverbs for Hungry
Adverbs for Hunt to Adverbs for Loving
Adverbs for Low to Adverbs for Poison
Adverbs for Poisonous to Adverbs for Sealed
Adverbs for Search to Adverbs for Thwarted
Adverbs for Tickle to Adverbs for Wrap
Adverbs for Wreck to Amorphous
Amount to Article
Articulate to Bailey's
Bailiff to Bequest
Ber to Bohemian
Boil to Buckland
Buckle to Cardiologist
Cardiology to Chem
Chemical to Clothing
Clotted to Concentrate
Concentrated to Coordinated
Coordinates to Crowning
Crowns to Decided
Decidedly to Determined
Determines to Disown
Disowned to Dressing
Dressmaker to Elegance
Elegant to Eres
Ergo to Extermination
Exterminator to Fidgeting
Fido to Footprint
Footprints to Gabbing
Gabble to Goblet
Goblin to Gut
Guten to Helium
Helix to Hounds
Houngan to Implicating
Implication to Injector
Injun to Iso
Isolate to Kinase
Kind to Leftenant
Leftover to Lording
Lords to Marble
Marc to Mfg
Mg to Moran
Morass to Negative
Negatively to Objections
Objective to Outhouse
Outing to Particulars
Partied to Petroleum
Petrus to Pointing
Pointless to Prettier
Prettiest to Pulitzer
Pull to Rawhide
Ray to Relentlessly
Relevance to Reviewing
Revise to Rutting
Rv to Screen
Screened to Sharpening
Sharper to Skeptic
Skeptical to Solenoid
Solicit to Squeezed
Squeezing to Stripe
Striped to Sven
Svengali to Tempering
Tempest to Tj
Tm to Trim
Trimester to Undergrowth
Underhand to Username
Uses to Verbs for Behavior
Verbs for Being to Verbs for Cricket
Verbs for Crime to Verbs for Farmer
Verbs for Fascination to Verbs for Instability
Verbs for Installment to Verbs for Pace
Verbs for Pacifist to Verbs for Route
Verbs for Routine to Verbs for Twilight
Verbs for Twitching to Voting
Votive to Whistling
Whit to Yawned
Yawning to ተመረቀ