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Colloquial abbreviation for Association football, via abbreviation Assoc.; earlier socca (1889), then socker (1891), with soccer attested 1895.

Compare contemporary rugger from Rugby, and note vulgar connotations of analogous *asser if abbreviating on first syllable.[1]



Soccer (uncountable)
  1. (chiefly North America, Australian) a game in which two teams of eleven players contend to get a round ball into their goal primarily by kicking the ball with their feet


  • (UK) Association football
  • football (note that this term is also used for several other codes of football: American football, Australian Rules football, Canadian football, Rugby League, Rugby Union)

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Soccer (third-person singular simple present Soccers, present participle Soccering, simple past and past participle Soccered)

  1. (Australian rules football) To kick the football directly off the ground, without using one's hands.
    • 2003 Geoffrey Blainey, A Game of Our Own: The Origins of Australian Football, Black Inc. Publishing, p73.
      The rule seems to have encouraged players to soccer the ball along the ground.
    • 2010 March 27, Michael Whiting, "Lions give Fev debut to remember", AFL - The official site of the Australian Football League.
      Fevola showed the best and worst of his play after dropping a simple chest mark, only to regather seconds later and soccer the ball through from the most acute of angles.


  1. Soccer” in the Online Etymology Dictionary, Douglas Harper, 2001



Soccer m. (usually uncountable)

  1. (Quebec) soccer



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