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Monopoly (plural monopolies)
  1. A situation, by legal privilege or other agreement, in which solely one party (company, cartel etc.) exclusively provides a particular product or service, dominating that market and generally exerting powerful control over it.
  2. An exclusive control over the trade or production of a commodity or service through exclusive possession.
    A land monopoly renders its holder(s) nearly almighty in an agricultural society
  3. The privilege granting the exclusive right to exert such control
    Granting monopolies in concession constitutes a market-conform alternative to taxation for the state, while the crown sometimes bestowed a monopoly as an outrageous gift
  4. (metonymy) The market thus controled
  5. (metonymy) The holder (person, company or other) of such market domination in one of the the above manners.



Derived terms

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Adjectives for Monopoly

absolute; unlimited; sectional; unified; virtual; national; natural; insidious; wicked; wasteful; wretched; proposed; ravenous.


bag—; break down—; confer—upon; denounce—; enjoy—; foster—; free from—; infringe on—; possess—; promote—; protest—; resent—; secure—; —controls; — enriches; —fetters; —gags; —masters; — prices; —reaps; —smothers.


a corner on, arrest, arrestation, bear raid, bull raid, cartel, check, consortium, constraint, control, cooling, cooling down, cooling off, copyright, corner, corner in, cornering, curb, curtailment, deceleration, engrossment, exclusive possession, forestallment, hindrance, inhibition, injunction, interdict, legal restraint, manipulation, monopolization, ownership, pool, possessorship, prohibition, proprietorship, protection, protectionism, protective tariff, raid, rationing, rein, restraint, restraint of trade, retardation, retrenchment, rigging, self-control, slowing down, syndicate, tariff wall, thought control, trust, wash sale, washing


From Latin monopōlium from Ancient Greek μονοπώλιον (monopōlion, a right of exclusive sale) from μόνος (monos, sole) + πωλέω (pōleō, I barter, sell).



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