Gunman, Thought to Be Targeting Whites, Kills 3 in Fresno, Police Say (

 When Kori Ali Muhammad, a homeless man who voiced a hatred of white people and the government, learned on Tuesday morning that he was wanted in the killing of a Motel 6 security guard in Fresno, Calif., he decided he was going to kill again, the police said.

About 10:45 a.m., Mr. Muhammad walked up to a Pacific Gas & Electric utility truck and fatally shot a 34-year-old white employee in the passenger seat, the police said. He ran down another street and fired his handgun at another white person but missed. He reloaded.

Mr. Muhammad then turned onto North Fulton Street and encountered a white man carrying a backpack and a garbage bag full of clothes. A witness said it sounded as if there was an altercation before three bullets were fired into the man’s abdomen.

Mr. Muhammad ran away, stopping briefly to pick up bullets he dropped in the street, and, according to the police, fired his gun again when he spotted a white man outside Catholic Charities, the aid organization for homeless people and those in need. [...] MORE