The Genocidal Campaign Against the Amhara People by Abiy Ahmed’s Regime Intensifies – APF statement

A Statement by Amhara Poplar Front 

The Amhara Popular Front (APF) is deeply alarmed and profoundly distressed by the relentless acts of violence perpetrated by the Ethiopian federal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed against the innocent civilians of the Amhara region. These actions, unmistakably echoing a genocidal campaign, stand as a stark contradiction to our shared humanity and the values underpinning modern, civilized societies.

Reports emerging from Amhara region towns such as Majete, Shewa Robit, and Amanuel sketch a chilling tableau of the ongoing brutality. Tanks, artillery, and drones, instruments conventionally used for national defense, are being misused to inflict devastation upon peaceful farming communities.

Hospitals, the very epitomes of care and healing, are forced to close down. A vast number of civilians, grappling with illnesses that ordinarily would be manageable, are now confronted with potentially fatal outcomes due to the scarcity of medical resources. The sheer ruthlessness of Abiy Ahmed’s forces is evidenced by the grievous harm inflicted upon our most vulnerable – our children and the elderly.

In this grave moment, the onus is upon the international community to rise beyond passive observation and respond to these egregious crimes against humanity. The APF firmly condemns these unspeakable acts and implores global leaders, human rights advocates, and all individuals guided by morality to:

  • Acknowledge the profound severity of the crises unfolding in the Amhara region, directly orchestrated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s regime.
  • Enforce immediate and encompassing sanctions against Abiy Ahmed and his key affiliates, holding them to account for their atrocities.
  • Facilitate urgent humanitarian aid for the besieged Amhara populace, inclusive of medical assistance and other vital resources.

The tenacity and spirit of the Amhara people, though tested, remain unbroken. As we confront these dire circumstances, our fervent hope lies in the decisive action and unwavering solidarity of the international community, guiding us away from this shadowed chapter in our narrative.

Amhara Popular Front

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