Attack on Ethiopia ruling party head in Amhara region leaves five dead: regional administration

An armed attack on a convoy of Head of Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party (PP) in the Amhara region, Girma Yeshitila has left five dead, according to a statement issued by the Amhara regional state administration on Thursday evening. 

In a press statement, Amhara regional state administration, said five people including Girma were killed when his convoy was attacked on Thursday afternoon time “by irregular forces” in Guasa area of North Zone of Amhara region. The statement didn’t specify the identities of the four other deceased people. 

The statement said Girma’s convoy was travelling from Mehal-Meda town to Debre-Birhan city in Amhara region when it was ambushed by the attackers on the road.

The Amhara regional state administration vowed to take strong measures on the unnamed attackers which it accused of conducting a terror attack. 

The statement also vowed to bring before the law the unnamed attackers and all their alleged accomplices. 

Earlier on Thursday, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy accused unnamed entities of killing Girma, after failing to win in “ideas battle”. 

The PM didn’t specify any group suspected of killing the high-level PP official, but warned if “such acts” continue it will end in “mutual slaughter”.

Separately, the online media outlet Ethio360 reported the Amhara PP Chief was mortally wounded by gun shots in Guasa area of North Shoa zone of Amhara region.

Ethio360 reported Girma was taken to nearby Mehal-Media hospital for medical treatment, but died soon after arrival in the medical facility. 

The Ethio360 report also stated its likely there are other casualties in the attack including the Chief Administrator of North Shoa zone.

The identity of the attackers isn’t yet known, according to the Ethio360 report.

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