Ethiopia confirms entry of hundreds of Ugandans fleeing “end of day”

The Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) confirmed on Thursday hundreds of Ugandans have entered the country in recent weeks fleeing over fears of “end of day”.

Meles Alem, Spokesman for MoFA told journalists hundreds of followers of a Ugandan cult have entered the Southwest region of Ethiopia through land journey fearing doomsday.

Meles said the Ugandan cult followers started their journey to Ethiopia from east Uganda, after selling their houses and properties believing a doomsday is approaching. 

He further said the Ugandan cult followers believe Ethiopia offers them peace and security from what they believe is impending “doomsday,”.

Ethiopia doesn’t share border with Uganda and Meles didn’t say whether the Ugandans entered Ethiopia through South Sudan or Kenya. South Sudan and Kenya border both Uganda and Ethiopia.

The Ugandans belong to a cult called the Christ Disciples Church.

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