Unidentified gunmen murder eight people in eastern Ethiopia city: Report


Unidentified gunmen have killed eight people including six homeless people in the eastern Ethiopia city, Methara over the weekend, the online based media outlet, TIKVAH-Ethiopia reported during the weekend. 

TIKVAH-Ethiopia reported the attack which happened last Thursday at around 9pm evening also left four others injured. 

Quoting Methara residents, the online based media outlet reported killings of residents by unidentified gunmen has been happening on a routine basis in the city in the last several months.

TIKVAH-Ethiopia also reported the phone and electricity lines were switched off during the latest round of killings and resumed services in the aftermath of the killing without explanation. 

So far, no entity has claimed responsibility for the regular attacks in Methera city. Government media outlets are de-facto banned from reporting on extra-judicial killings that are happening regularly across Ethiopia.

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